Throughout our history Hazard & Siegel has grown and adapted to the changing marketplace and the needs of our clients and financial professionals. Part of that evolution was the addition of companies and services to the Hazard & Siegel family that enhanced our ability to offer competitive services and new opportunities for our financial professionals.

Hazard & Siegel Inc. – Broker-Dealer

This is the original independent broker-dealer corporation and is a traditional pay-per-transaction securities business. As a traditional broker-dealer, we are able to offer investment choices that ultimately serve you in reaching your goals. These include mutual funds, REITs, BDCs, annuities, and life insurance products.

Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services LLC – Investment Advisory

This is the advisory aspect of Hazard & Siegel financial services and is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing retirement and wealth management counseling. As a RIA, Hazard & Siegel Advisory Services is committed to providing informed guidance to our financial professionals and ultimately your clients.  We offer several options for professionally managed investments within a fee-based account.  This brings you the ability to offer individual, joint, trust, and qualified accounts under one overall account.  The tax-efficiency, accounting, and transparency of these accounts make analysis and periodic reviews straightforward.

Hazard & Siegel Agency LLC – Life and Health Insurance

The life & health insurance industry is where the current owners of Hazard & Siegel began their careers. Understanding the importance of having solid choices in product for the independent broker is critical to maintain a competitive edge in the life & health insurance market. Hazard & Siegel Agency has a diverse choice of competitive fixed & variable insurance products, with a multitude of companies to choose from. We constantly monitor each product to make sure we are recommending the best possible solution for you and your client. Click here to see most recent fixed company update.

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