Hazard & Siegel Products

Retirement Planning

A successful retirement remains the highest financial priority for many. To achieve that end, we ensure that our clients understand both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement planning. Equipped with this knowledge, our clients are better suited to respond to pertinent questions regarding their ongoing needs, emergency reserves, tax obligations, and desires for traveling or big ticket item purchases. Clients are also able to clarify their plans for loved ones and their estate.

Wealth Management

Managing wealth created through hard work and prudent investing deserves a wide range of options and services. Through our Registered Investment Advisory entity, Hazard & Siegel offers access to wealth management tools using both a solicitor arrangement with a selected group of money management firms as well as platforms that offer sub-advised solutions.  This allows financial professionals and clients the freedom and flexibility that are consistent with the Hazard & Siegel way – fiercely independent, all the time, every time.

Education Planning

There are multiple investment vehicles to assist families that want to fund the education of someone they love. As an open architecture firm, we offer access to a full range of products to help reach this goal. We help our clients understand in-state vs. out-of-state options, direct vs. financial professional guided choices, and also how to minimize the impact these products may have on the amount of financial aid provided.

Mutual Funds

The families of funds available to our financial professionals allow them to create a well-diversified portfolio for clients. Furthermore, we perform ongoing due diligence on mutual funds to determine if we want to enter into a selling agreement. We maintain an open mind to all styles and strategies so that we can continue to offer diversification to our clients.

Annuities – Fixed/Indexed/Variable

A wide selection of high-quality tax-advantaged income generating products is available to our financial professionals. We only offer products that give the best value to the client. This allows for maximizing the accumulation of income for the client.

Insurance Products

Protecting one’s investments in the event of premature death, disability, and longevity is paramount. Accordingly, we provide to our financial professionals a wide array of life, disability, and long-term care products so that when their client is ready to discuss protection we are there.